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Vanilla fragrance oil

I love its scent. But it changed the colour of the lotion overnight. How do I stop discoloration?

Hi Nkele,

This is a 100% natural process. The 'discolouration is caused by a component of the vanilla fo, known as Vanillin. The discolouration can range from light tan to dark brown in products such as lotions, soaps, shampoos, infant in most if not all products.

Thank you for writing this review. We will amend the description to include this information.
Thank you.

Castor Oil - Food Grade
Tsepang Mokonyana
Good products at a value for money

I ordered and received good quality products within 2 days. Excellent service and value for money on all products. Will definitely come back

Unrefined Shea butter

Great shopping experience, excellent delivery and communication is awesome. I love the product quality.

Thank you, Afika. We are humbled!

Unrefined coconut oil

I thought I was buying Unrefined coconut oil but I got refined one which is not organic at all

Hello Khanyi,

Thank you for your orders.

We try to be as descriptive as possible in our product descriptions and product names. No where do we state that the coconut oil oils organic and unrefined. In fact, product title is COCONUT OIL - CONVENTIONAL (i.e not organic), and we have clearly stated that it's REFINED AND ODOURLESS on product description.

It's unfortunate that you missed this as that has caused you to buy something which you did not intend to. I would like to suggest that you read descriptions fully as to avoid this mistake.

Thank you for your review.

100% Moisturizing

I recently discovered that the moisturizing properties of our customers' favourite oil serum comes this oil. It absorbs quick into the skin, yet still leaves the skin moisturized. I love it. Very sad when it gets sold out❤️

Thanks for your review! We are trying to source a new supplier. The production of this oil is protected, with producers needing licenses, which isn't easily attainable especially for small producers. We love this oil too and it hurts us that it's not available. We hope to source some soon!

Castor Oil - Food Grade
Silindile khumalo

Great quality, we use it for detox with my family every month 2 tablespoon adult and one spoon for kids works like a charm


I am blown away by the amazing service. I ordered last night and received my package 📦 the very next day ,my ingredients were well packaged and I am just truly thankful you guys are amazing I will highly recommend your company ❤️. Wishing your business all the prosperity. # I am staying with you .....

Lip Balm Base
Lip balm base

Awesome base, easy to tweak, perfect for those of us who seem to allergic to everything. makes creating lip balms so much easier. i love that it smells like nothing

Shea Butter - Unrefined
Deirdre Van Zyl
Shea Butter Raw/Unrefine

Excellent service delivery! Good quality product, natural and pure, I love it and will buy from you again in future!

Super Awesome!!!

The quality is superior to any I have bought, and the smell is amazing!!! I don't think i will ever buy my oils anywhere else really.


The product arrived very soon after I ordered and was everything I hoped for. Making my own delicious chocolate now and enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks!

Castor Oil Excellent oil.

I only use cold pressed and Hexane free Castor oil .Castor oils anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce relief for related joint pain and inflammation. I use it for eyelash and eyebrow growth.Its excellent for scalp and hair care. I use a few drops of castor oil , mixed with go go pain and massage my tired feet with it at night.Its also excellent for Anti- bacterial and fungal use. I use it to moisturize my hair, its excellent for scalp and hair care.

God-Sent Supplier

I love Isivuno Naturals. When the calling to start a 100% natural & organic skincare line came to me, I wondered where I would start. Did Divine Intervention not lead me to Isivuno Naturals!!! I purchase all my ingredients here so my feedback is that the service is premium, the products are premium and the results are premium. Thank you and Keep it Up. My Supplier for life💚

Neem Oil

If I don't infuse my own oil with neem powder, which I also buy from Isivuno, I purchase their neem oil. I use it in my no itch hair spray formulation which has helped my very sensitive scalp. I have less itching now and I have even shared it with friends and family suffering from sores and sensitive scalp.

Hyaluronic Acid (1% Solution)

love love love. Using it in my facial serum formulation

Coconut oil

I used the coconut oil in my bath bomb recipe. they came out perfect and smelt wonderful


Great service as always. Used this in my scrub and soap. Love Love Love!

Castor Oil - Food Grade
Madeleine Lynette Smith
Love Castor oil

It is been so good for me. My hair my sinusitis my eyes my ears. I just love it for all my pains.

Rosehip Oil

By far, the best oil I've ever used in my formulations! I was a bit scared it would have that strong fish-like smell as it is with most pure Rosehip oils! It has a pleasant subtle smell, gives your creams & butters that creamy luxurious feel! Beautiful, beautiful product offering!!! Chefs kiss!! <3

Raw Beeswax
Grant Norvall
Raw beeswax

Great service and prompt delivery. Good price too, Thank you.

Aloe Vera Juice - Food Grade
Keabetswe Mtimkulu
Great - Aloe Juice

Love love love this product!
One of my favorite products to add to my hydrating hair spray - my customers love it too!
Thank you for the free samples as well ❤

Almost Rainbow Mica Sampler
Barbara Pretorius
Mica sampler

Beautiful vibrant colours. Worked well in cold process soap.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Lovely product. Thanks

Absolutely Amazing

I use this for our body wash. Superb Quality with Amazing Results.
I cannot sing Isivuno Naturals enough Praise.
Amazing Products with the Service to Match.
Thank You Isivuno !!!

Jamaican black castor oil

I love this oil so inlove with it ,it seems that I'm inlove with all the products I've bought from isivuno naturals so far, any way I previously bought this product in the shops but the quality wasn't good and the price was way too high ,so when I got my oils I was truly impressed I will be trying out castor oil this time I hope it will be just as good

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