Raw Beeswax

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Raw Beeswax is high in anti-oxidants, and can be used in skincare products to heal and protect the skin.

Our rich, filtered Beeswax is sourced from local South African beekeepers and is in its raw form. It is 100% pure so it is perfect for skincare products such as lip balms, moisturisers, healing salves, body butters, and more!

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Grant Norvall
Raw beeswax

Great service and prompt delivery. Good price too, Thank you.

Mandisa Madikane

Hi can i use the raw beeswax on food


Great quality beeswax. Although, it does require to be filtered better to remove all the black stuff.

dikeledi rakau

I love how my polish came out, the smell the texture.. however it is difficult to cut.. does it come smaller quantities...


Love the Raw Beeswax! Just found it a bit hard to use when I needed to cut it for certain measurements, but overall amazing product to use for lip balms and more!

Thanks for your review, Emma.
Here my hack for working with beeswax to make it easier.
Melt the entire block of the wax over low gentle heat. Once melted, remould it in small manageable sizes using silicone muffin tins. You may fill the tins all the way up, or halfway or even up to the weight of your avatar usage. Leave it to harden and and be completely cooled down before storing. Best to store in a resealable package. For your next use, just take a pop from your package, weigh and melt. I hope this helps!

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