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Cocoa Butter - Food Grade

R 210.00

Cocoa Butter is the absolute go to cosmetic butter for topical applications, and of course you can eat it too!

This Cocoa Butter is Organic, and is both cosmetic and food grade.

Cocoa butter is packed with anti-oxidants and fatty acids, which helps create a barrier against free radicals. If you suffer from eczema or dermatitis, cocoa butter can help heal, sooth, and smooth your skin.



Customer Reviews

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Best natural products at affordable prices

Best natural products at affordable prices

Karin Liebenberg
Great product and service

Really happy finding a supplier who offers food grade cocoa butter at affordable prices, often with specials.
One of my orders was slightly under mass and the team promptly sent me a voucher for the missing quantity.

Superb price and taste

Making chocolate just became simpler than making pancakes. I did an epic amount of research to find the right cocoa butter at the right price and Isivuno's online store is the answer.
Lots of places sell non-food grade cocoa which is fine for cosmetics, but having one that can satisfy my cooking and my cosmetic needs is ideal. I'm also about to make my first purchase at this store for other ingredients. Addicted.

Maseboka Phakisi
Cocoa Butter

Great quality products👌

Cocoabutter foodgrade

Been loving this in making my own vegan chocolate without refined sugar, the butter smells great and tasted delicious in chocolate, also keep well and does not melt that easily as in the case coconut oil.