Rosehip Oil - Organic & Cold-pressed

R 450.00

Pure, organic and cold-pressed Rosehip Oil made for the seeds of a wild rose. 

This is a premium emollient that is high in vitamin E, A and C, fighting signs of ageing, wrinkles and fine lines, and keeping skin soft, smooth and hydrated. 

Pure Rosehip Oil is often added as an active ingredient in face serums, moisturisers and lotions.  

Sourced locally and sustainably.

Customer Reviews

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Malebo Mokoto
God-Sent Supplier

I love Isivuno Naturals. When the calling to start a 100% natural & organic skincare line came to me, I wondered where I would start. Did Divine Intervention not lead me to Isivuno Naturals!!! I purchase all my ingredients here so my feedback is that the service is premium, the products are premium and the results are premium. Thank you and Keep it Up. My Supplier for life💚

Rosehip Oil

By far, the best oil I've ever used in my formulations! I was a bit scared it would have that strong fish-like smell as it is with most pure Rosehip oils! It has a pleasant subtle smell, gives your creams & butters that creamy luxurious feel! Beautiful, beautiful product offering!!! Chefs kiss!! <3

Ziphozonke Langatshe
Miracle oil

If you have not tried this oil, you are definitely losing out. This is the best oil close to nature. I use it on my face, my teenage son loves it, his face is now clear, thank you for giving us the best.
it makes the skin firm, gives it a glow, stretch marks are fading, hayibo this is a miracle in a bottle.

Herculaas J Beukes
Easy to order and fast delivery

Quality product

Karen Gagiano

I am happy with my oil. Good value for money. Speedy delivery. Thank you!

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