Coconut Oil - Conventional

R 55.00

Coconut Oil is a perfect addition in all cosmetics. It is a natural emollient with conditioning properties.

It is a versatile oil that is hard at room temperature and melts in contact with body heat. Use in natural handmade soap recipes, lip balm, and in body and hair care products. 



Our coconut oil now comes in 1L pack sizes packaged in 6 x 1L boxes.  We have discontinued 5L and introduced 6L sold as 6 x 1L.

25L buckets are aso discontinued.  We now sell 24L, which is 4 x (6 x 1L) boxes. 

Some uses:

  • Use as a hair pre-poo treatment to coat hair before shampooing.
  • Use in handmade soaps to make soaps harder and create large bubbles and lather.
  • Use in hair butters as a sealer.
  • Use in body care formulations, up to 100% of the oil phase.

Customer Reviews

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Unrefined coconut oil

I thought I was buying Unrefined coconut oil but I got refined one which is not organic at all

Hello Khanyi,

Thank you for your orders.

We try to be as descriptive as possible in our product descriptions and product names. No where do we state that the coconut oil oils organic and unrefined. In fact, product title is COCONUT OIL - CONVENTIONAL (i.e not organic), and we have clearly stated that it's REFINED AND ODOURLESS on product description.

It's unfortunate that you missed this as that has caused you to buy something which you did not intend to. I would like to suggest that you read descriptions fully as to avoid this mistake.

Thank you for your review.

Kumari Moodley
Coconut oil

I used the coconut oil in my bath bomb recipe. they came out perfect and smelt wonderful

Best find

This has been so great for so many applications. From helping remove micropore tape residue to itchiness from eczema and all the usual stuff in-between. Really great product.

Gladys Marufu

Very pure coconut oil, happy with my purchase very good quality for hair

Christelle Sternbaum
Great for hair

I was so happy to find pure coconut oil on here when I was looking for best hair oils, I mixed it with the other oils I bought and my hair already feels softer. I love it!

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