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coconut oil for soapmaking

Coconut Oil

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Can you imagine life without coconut oil? Nope, I don't wanna! They say this oil can fix any problem, well, sure they exaggerate, but it's close to the truth!

Coconut Oil is a perfect addition in all cosmetics. It is a natural emollient with conditioning properties. It is a versatile oil that is hard at room temperature and melts in contact with body heat.  Use in natural handmade soap recipes, lip balm, hair care products and body care. 

Conventional and Odourless

Some uses:

  • Use as a hair pre-poo treatment to coat hair before shampooing
  • Use in handmade soaps to make soaps harder and create large bubbles and lather.
  • Use in hair butters as a sealer 
  • Use in body care formulations, up to 100% of the oil phase.