Isivuno Naturals Reviews

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I just adore this oil in my deodorant’s,lotions and conditioners

The colour is vibrant and product quality is great 👍

The quality of the product is great. Isivuno gained a loyal customer

This is so good in a cream I make. i can feel how it moisturises my skin.

I am happy with my oil. Good value for money. Speedy delivery. Thank you!

Good value for money. Delivery was speedy. I am happy

Macadamia Nut Oil

I used the oil in one of my cold process soap formulations. I like it, you can definitely smell the nuttiness of the oil.

Purple Flourescent Colour
Zimkhitha Zatu Moloi
Too sticky!

The colour is really nice but this colouring sticks to the pots and the stirrer - getting it off is near impossible. Even scraping it off doesn’t work. Not a good idea.

Quick delivery- great product

Three Oils

The Macadamia nut has a very strong nutty scent and it's the thickest of them all, perfect for really dry skin and winter.

The grapeseed oil is my favourite, very thin, scentless and it feels good.

I found out that I'm allergic to the sweet almond oil, but others who used it say that it's the thinest with a very slight scent and it's very moisturising.

Super Affordable

The most affordable rose water I've ever found, and it smells amazing. It's also super moisturising.

Shea Butter - Unrefined
Felicia Sankaran
Body butter

My name is Felicia, and 4 years ago I delvoped psoriasis after having my 1st child, I've been to a dermatologist and I was given oinments and steroids, my body rejected it, thereafter used over the counter oinment which gave me some relief..

Eventually I did my own research and came across shea butter and other essentials oils which I could make my own body butter, it's exactly two weeks and I'm amazed my this product all natural and vegan too!

Thank you Isivuno, your product are amazing and delivered is quick.

Neem oil

This Neem oil has many benefits, i used on my skin and hair. I mask and cover the smell with jasmine oil.

Rose Water
Nomonde Ndongeni

I love this rose water, I’m using as a toner and on diy hair sprits.

I will never buy anywhere else, Isivuno naturals
is the best

Tea tree oil

I'm loving this oil

Shea Butter - Unrefined
Lungile Luthuli
It is that shea butter

Ngiyabonga batakwethu

My skin gets dry spells and gets flaky, and no amount of oils and grease could do. Shea butter builds a barrier to my skin, the amount of discomfort I had before has subsided.

Kwande, ngingakhathali

Best price!

Very good quality Castile Soap. Easy to thicken and customise to suit your needs. Very versatile and the price is a huge plus point! All around great shopping experience.

Highly recommended

This is such a lovely and light cream. Easy to customise with your own blend of oils and the skin feel is amazing! Absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling super moisturised.

Best buy

Perfect sizes for my small batches of Cleansing Balm!

Serenity in a bottle

I made Pine Bath waffle Bombs & nothing has ever made me feel like I’m in a tub in a forest cabin with wine on my hands. What a lovely scent. I wish I’d have it in a Litre bottle. I love love it!

Love it

I really love this spicy scent. It became my go to woody& Spicy top note. I used it for my Stress relief Soaking Salts blend and it’s everything I needed from it.

Centrimonium Chloride

This product gives my hair conditioner the best conditioning agents

Bentonite Clay
Willemiena Preez


Black Seed Oil
Black seed oil

I was very impressed with this product .Will be buying more

African Black Soap
Danisile Mncwabe
Black soap

Love it good on my sensitive skin feel fresh after use smell not that bad can tolerate