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African Black Soap
Melo Tlhabanyane
African Black Soap

It’s authentic and great for the whole body. I’ve been using it for a few years now and my skin feels great. It has helped with my eczema too.

Trio Butter

Love all the butters! I mixed them with a few essential oils for my body butter and my skin is on another level! Plus it’s a great size if you’re trying organic products out for the first time.


I love the woody scent. I had to buy both species. I love both & are a popular among ny clients.

Will you be stocking Sandalwood & Chamomile anytime soon?

Hi Zanele,
We are not looking into stocking those two oil - the issue is availability and cost. Genuine Sandalwood oil costs tens of thousands of rands per litre and Cape Chamomile was in short supply even a few years back!

Theee best

Probably thee best of the suppliers I have tried. I love it & I am increasing my size

Lemon Peel Powder - Organic
Denise de Villiers
Good service

Good service as always!

Lecithin (Soy)
very excellent service

was very happy with the service

Pleasant purchase

I purchased caster oil.
I've experienced many of the things noted by Debra O Neil. I have severe pain with permanent disabilities.
Unexpected bonus- no more flakey scalp .
The pleasant staff who helped me made the purchase even more valuable.
Isivuno has a few customers from my side.

Caprylic Capril Triglyceride

Can I use it on new born baby? To massage her.

Dear Nathi,

Ye, you absolute may!

I love the price especially, I mix it with my washing powder for my laundry and it's the best.

I absolutely love it, I use it in most of my scent mixtures.

Super impressed customer 😘😍🤩

I've just received my order for the Trio , I got too excited and I am now making my whipped shea butter and adding the trio in it ,can't wait to use 😊
I struggle with dry skin and store bought lotions are just not doing it for me , I'll send a review after use .

Cedarwood Virginian Essential Oil
Nonkazimulo Ngcweleshe
Cedarwood Virginian Essential Oil

I love this oil. I add it to my beard oils that my customers absolutely love. It is packed with great benefits for both skin and hair.

Thank you

As a beginner in the cosmetics business. Isivuno Naturals has made it very easy for me. Thank you I love my Shea butter.

i am usually reacting to chocolate, would it be safe for me to use cocoa butter to make my own carob type of chocolate substitute?

Thanks for your comment. It will be difficult to say since we don't know what it is exactly that you react to.

Peppermint Oil the Best

Thank you so much for the quality products that I always get from you! It was the 1st time I got Peppermint oil from Isivuno and I am extremely satisfied not only with the quality but as well as the price!!!

Great product + excellent service

The palm oil is always of great quality and comes with a CoA upon request. The service is exceptional and delivery prompt.

Castor Oil - Food Grade
Colleen Boschetti
Castor oil

Like the product Personal would prefer in a glass bottle as we know the plastic leak into the oils

Versatile Product

This product gives me peace of mind, because I use it on my skin and hair and the results have been excellent. Absolutely grateful to Isivuno for helping me regulate my family's state of health through their products!

Titanium Dioxide
Joanne Wessels
Titanium dioxide

Good product. Does well for cold process soap.

Bentonite Clay
Lucy Ngoh
Great Quality and Quantity

It's exquisite!! I use it for my hair, face and armpit for detoxification. It does a very good job. Thank you Isivuno❤️

Great Quality

It lathers so well, it's not too thick, neither, is too light, just perfect.
Good for hair and skin.

Grapeseed Oil
Lucy Ngoh
Great Quality

I love the consistency. Great for hair and skin. will buy again.

Sweet Almond Oil
Lucy Ngoh
The Best, Great quality

I will buy again and again. Happy I found an affordable shop that sells organic and natural products.

Buchule Mangali

I cannot imagine my hair proucts without it

Amazing smell

I might be addicted to this smell!!! Its amazing I use it in everything!