Super Trio of Anti-Oxidant Rich Oils

R 200.00

The Super Trio Oils is a pack of fine oils chosen for their nourishing and versatile properties. These oils can form the backbone of your formulations, or added in small amounts to your products to really enhance their quality. These oils are all fast absorbing. 

The pack includes 250ml (each) of:

Sweet Almond Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Macadamia Nut Oil


Customer Reviews

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Karen Gagiano

Good value for money. Delivery was speedy. I am happy

Three Oils

The Macadamia nut has a very strong nutty scent and it's the thickest of them all, perfect for really dry skin and winter.

The grapeseed oil is my favourite, very thin, scentless and it feels good.

I found out that I'm allergic to the sweet almond oil, but others who used it say that it's the thinest with a very slight scent and it's very moisturising.

Curstin Peters

Its definitely working for me, i would highly recommend it and im definitely buying it again!

Jacqui Burn
Super Trio of Anti-Oxidant Rich Oils

Amazing quick service, pleasure to deal with a company that you get exactly what you order - will be ordering again

Nellie Madlala
Super Trio of Anti-Oxidant Rich Oils

These three oils together are an awesome triple threat. They are doing wonders on my dry and sensitive skin, so I would highly recommend them for not only your skin but for your hair also.