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100% Natural and plant derived Squalane is a superior emollient and moisturizer that imparts silky feel to skin. Squalane is known for preventing transepidimal water loss (TEWL), while providing skin suppleness and flexibility.

Squalane is a light weight emollient that will provide a creamy, silky, smooth texture to creams, lotions and oils.  It is ideal for use in any skincare products, particularly facial skin products as it's non-heavy and offers exceptional hydration.

This miracle oil can be bottled,  and used as is, as a Hydrating Face Serum. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Inga Murison
Natural Glow

Been using this with a drop of Rose Hip oil every night and my skin feels great.

Cherize Van Vuuren
Great product

Been using this for two weeks daily on my skin after my normal skin regime and it is great! Skin feels soft, hydrated and healthy.

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