Purple Flourescent Colour

R 75.00


Flourescent or neon colours produce bright, stable and predictable colours in soap.

They have been tested on Cold processed soap and are stable.   They have been tested at a rate of 0.5g mica to 100g soap batter to achieve medium colouration.  For more intense colours, particularly pinks to reds, higher ratios can be used.  There might be some bleeding with some colours if too much is used. 

To use in soap:  Disperse  (an equivalent of ) 0.5g of mica the same volume of light oil.  Add dispersed mica into soap after trace is reached.

Please note, our micas have been tested on cold processed soap only so far.

Please note:

- It is not lip and eye safe.


Polyurethane-11, Manganese violet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kopano Unity

Gives a beautiful appearance to my products

Zimkhitha Zatu Moloi
Too sticky!

The colour is really nice but this colouring sticks to the pots and the stirrer - getting it off is near impossible. Even scraping it off doesn’t work. Not a good idea.

Roxanne Pool
Gorgous colour!

Thank you so much for this purple flourescent colour. It adds a vibrant feel to my products, and even works and blends well into my hand soap. I will be ordering all the colours soon!

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