D Panthenol

R 155.00

D Panthenol, also know as Provitamin B5, is a highly potent moisturiser, humectant and softener. It is used in formulas to improve the appearance of skin, add hydration, reduce water loss and improve elasticity and softness.

Usage rate in shampoos, conditioners, face washes, and body lotions is 1 - 5% in water phase. 

Our D Panthenol has a gel consistency. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mandisa Maputsi

I'm very excited to start using this product D panthenol and I'm looking forward to see the good results in my products as mentioned here, I'm still new but it seems I'm gonna see good results very soon

Roxanne Pool
Amazing product

I absolutely love this product D-Panthenol, it finishes my conditioner off with softness and slip. Please can you make it in larger quantities, at maybe a lower bulk price? Thank you! Absolutely love it!

Maryke Visser
Vit B 5

Wonderful for hair and skin. Something new for me to play with.

Celia Lipoye
D Panthenol

Best product ever😍

Brenda Smith
Fresh Revival

This product is great in my moisturiser for mature skin because it adds texture and elasticity to the skin giving it extra glow younger looking.

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