Lakes Sampler Pack

R 425.00

D & C lakes produce very bright colours.    Polysorbate 80 is strictly required when used in bathbombs as they are not water soluble.  This pack contains 10g (teaspoon) of each of the following:

Blue No1 Lake

Orange/Red No6 Lake

Red No. 40 Lake

Pink/Red No. 27 Lake

Yellow No 10 Lake

Lakes are not recommended for use in bar soaps.  

It is recommended to store lakes in sealed containers in cool, dark place as UV light causes them to fade.

Please note stocks are limited as we are only testing this ranges of colourants (lakes).

Customer Reviews

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Linda Gibbons

I have been playing around with colours in my bathbombs and was very excited to try these lakes.
They lived up to expectation, creating lovely vibrant colours.

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