Citrus Zest Essential Oil Starter Pack

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Isivuno Naturals’s Lemon and Lime essential oils pair up in this starter pack to provide that very familiar tangy aroma.  Citrus  Zest Essential Oil Starter Pack is a set of 2 x 30ml citrus essential oils.

 Please read more about each of these oils in their product pages.   

The Citrus  Essential Starter Pack Contains 30ml bottles of these essential oils

Lemon esential oil

Lime essential oil

Please note that citrus essential oils may be photo sensitive when used neat topically, especially when exposed to the sun.   Please don’t use any essential oils undiluted.






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Judy Heyns
Product review

I'm new to EO's and tried a few other Suppliers.
I found my EO Supplier now.
The products are neatly packed
Product quality is of very good quality
Service is quick and professional
Very Happy

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