The Journey in a 'Nutshell"

Why we choose fair-trade.
The journey of good quality shea butter is a long and labourous one, and our mision is to work closely with our producers to understand the proceess.
Unrefined shea butter production begins with harvesting of the shea fruit, where after all the flesh is removed and the remaining pips are whashed and dried, then the best ones selected for further processeing.
The nuts are then roasted, crushed, and kneaded to produce the 'shea paste'.  The roasting of the nuts allows them to release the butter a little easier and imparts the nutty scent to the shea butter. 
The shea paste is then boiled to produce the liquid butter.  While the shea butter solidifies, constant stirring takes place and the butter is stirred until it's cmpletely solid and won't seperate. 
It all sounds simple, but it is a hard job and is all done manual, from picking to sorting, roasting, kneading, and stirring.   
This is why we choose fair-trade!  We understand the process, and care about where and how our shea is produced.  We care about the women that produce it!
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