Our Instagram Account was Disabled

Hi Isi family, we have some very sad news.  On the 28th November 2022 our official @isivunonaturals and @olivehandmadesoaps accounts were suspended (we suspect due to hacking of my personal profile) and subsequently disabled.  We have since lost all access to these business accounts except for the Facebook business pages, which now unfortunately have limited functionalities (no shop buttons for an example).

We have been in contact with Facebook regularly since this happened and have tried to appeal but there have not been any favourable response of if/when our accounts would be recovered.  We have, up until now, only had access to what seems to be automated responses, run by what I assume are bots. 

These past few months have been nightmarish as our sales have greatly suffered - a huge % of our sales conversions come from Instagram.  Our following of 20k took 5 years for Isivuno Naturals and 10years of what seems to have been my life's work on O'live to achieve - there can never ever be any substitute for this.

I have cried in disbelief.  To say this hurts is a complete understatement.  As a last resort, I have decided to create new Isivuno and Olive pages and attempt to start over, at least for the time being so that we will have a presence on social media.  A  supply and retail business without an Instagram presence is unthinkable in today's age.   This is afterall how our businesses started and grew - social media is the crux of it and without it we CANNOT survive.  Both these businesses are family businesses, run by myself and my husband and we very much rely on our social media presence. 

Sometimes I am certain we can rebuild our social media community.  It is  saddening to know that all our new followers will never experience our humble beginnings through our shared content, that they won't know the full extent of our journey.  We need to accept that we may not reach all our previous followers (community members) but I want to believe that we can build an even stronger community.

We would like to appeal to you - please could you follow our new Instagram pages, share, tag friends, and invite friends that you think would like to follow our accounts.   I am certain that everyone of our 20k followers misses us.  Please can we spread the word?  Our new handles are:

https://www.instagram.com/isivuno_naturals/ and 


We will run all our special offers on Instagram so please turn on your notifications.  Discount codes will be shared on Instagram.  We'll be bringing you some great content shortly.  We hope to recover all the ISI and OHM community that we lost.

Thank you, your support has thus far been amazing and greatly appreciated by all of us!

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