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Let's start - At the beginning!

My name is Zikhona.  I am the founder of Isivuno Naturals.  I also run our family business, O'live Handmade Soaps.   I am thoroughly passionate about natural and organic skincare.  Afterall, it is what saved my darling daughter from terrible flare-ups of eczema.  We use pure unrefined shea butter in all our products. 

I started Isivuno Naturals casually in 2016 when I started to buy 100% pure authentic unrefined shea butter directly from a supplier in Ghana.

I had, up until then, been buying shea butter for use in our products from local vendors, but always found it unsatisfactory, or just refined stuff. After a while I knew I could be sourcing better, so I started looking AT THE VERY SOURCE.  What started as a small, 5kg shipment at the beginning, has now turned into a business, where we import tons from a small village in Norther Ghana.   But, it was all unexpected.

Picking shea nuts in Ghana to produce unrefined shea butter

It has not been easy growing the business, I have focused on the vision, to supply the best quality raw unrefined shea butter and other raw ingredients in South Africa.

Had someone told me in 2015/16 that  I would be importing shea butter for own use and trade in a few months I would have not believed them. I can not believe the overwhelming support we have had.  I am glad to be contributing and helping individuals and businesses access the best quality ingredients they can. This keeps us going.






  • Hi there,
    Could you plse let me know the prices on Shea butter and quantities. Thank you

    Esmay Anderson
  • I like to place some orders so what can I do, im in South Africa

  • I like to place some orders so what can i do

  • Wow, amazing!

  • Thank you for your amazing support. We truly appreciate it, here at Isivuno Naturals.


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