Jojoba Oil - Sampler

R 45.00

Try our sampler-sized products for trial batches and testing out ingredients.

Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil, also known as 'Golden Jojoba'.

Jojoba Oil is in fact an oil-like liquid wax.  It is said to be easily recognised by our skin as it resembles our skin's sebum, making it easy to absorb. It's has high emolliency and moisturising properties. It is a good lubricant and also penetrates the skin to not leave a greasy film behind. 

Jojoba can be used as is, or added to the oil phase of formulations. It is excellent for lip moisturisers, scalp treatment oils, face serums and lotions. 

Use as 1 - 100% of the formula. 

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Customer Reviews

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Andiswa mazaleni
Happy Customer

Because of the presence of fatty acids Macadamia oil helps my hair regrowth and also it nourishes the skin and is great at moisturizing.

Pauline Brzdek
Feeling fantastic

Added this to my homemade Body butter and feel amazing

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