Jojoba Oil - Cold Pressed

R 480.00

Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil, also known as 'Golden Jojoba'.

Jojoba Oil is in fact an oil-like liquid wax.  It is said to be easily recognised by our skin as it resembles our skin's sebum, making it easy to absorb. It's has high emolliency and moisturising properties. It is a good lubricant and also penetrates the skin to not leave a greasy film behind. 

Jojoba can be used as is, or added to the oil phase of formulations. It is excellent for lip moisturisers, scalp treatment oils, face serums and lotions. 

Use as 1 - 100% of the formula. 





Customer Reviews

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Ria De Clerck
Jojoba Oil

Absolutely love the product! Easily absorbed without the oily grease afterward. A must-have for dry skin, it moisturises & keeps your skin soft. I highly recommend keeping a little spray bottle in your handbag.

Ilonka Lauren's
Jajoba oil

I am really enjoying this product, I am actually using it on its own and a facial oil for Gua Sha. Wonderful!

Maryke Visser
Jojoba oil

Absolutely lovely on the skin. It's also wonderful in hair products

Kgothatso Mahlophe Mahlophe

Great product to use and to on your hair

Great quality

I am so impressed with this product. I use it on my butters and it give a very nice luxurious texture and leave no grease