Hemi - Squalane

R 340.00

100% Natural and plant derived Squalane is a superior emollient and moisturizer that imparts silky feel to skin. Squalane is known for preventing transepidimal water loss (TEWL), while providing skin suppleness and flexibility.

Squalane is a light weight emollient that will provide a creamy, silky, smooth texture to creams, lotions and oils.  It is ideal for use in any skincare products, particularly facial skin products as it's non-heavy and offers exceptional hydration.

This miracle oil can be bottled,  and used as is, as a Hydrating Face Serum. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anita V
Best for nourishment!

I'm 100% satisfied with the hemi- squalane oil. It nourishes dryness without any oily residue. Love it❤

Hayley Perry
Great Product

Adds amazing texture to my butters

Linda S
Still trying

Still trying out the hemi-squalane - definitely great value when compared to other suppliers. :)

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