Cobalt Blue Mica

R 65.00

Our colour micas are heavy-metal-free, coloured with oxide pigments.   Micas are used to add beautiful, vivid, sometimes shimmery colours to handmade soaps, lotions, shampoo bars, hair sprays, make up, and bath bombs.  

Micas are also used in other non-cosmetic related crafts such as epoxy, paints, etc. 

Micas are soluble in oil, glycerine and alcohol.

Our micas have been tested on Cold processed soap and are stable.   They have been tested at a rate of 0.5g mica to 100g soap batter to achieve medium colouration.  For more intense colours, particularly pinks to reds, higher ratios can be used.  There might be some bleeding with some colours if too much is used. 

To use in soap:  Disperse  (an equivalent of ) 0.5g of mica the same volume of light oil.  Add dispersed mica into soap after trace is reached.

Our micas have been tested on cold processed soap only so far.

Please note:

- It is eye safe.

- It is not lip safe. 


Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarine Blue.

Customer Reviews

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Sticks on tub.

The blue looks amazing on my bath bombs, but as I tested them, I realised that it sticks to the tub, initially thought I’d used to much, I decreased the amount I use but still does. I feel like it prevents emulsifier’s function as it also show oil pockets in water vs a mica from a different supplier. I love Isivuno products but this really isn’t working for me.

Hi Zanele,
Thank you for this honest review! We don't make a lot of bath bombs but I wonder if not more PS80 is needed in the formula to hold the colour better? I would be curious to find out! We will make some and find see.


I love it on my Bath Bombs & Shower steamers. I’m about to pre-pay for the sold out colours because I really want them!

Great Blue Colour!

Stays true in CP soap, has a beautiful shine in finished product

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