Citrus Trio of Essential Oils

R 210.00

Save when you buy this TRIO of Essential Oil's.

Three Citrus Essential Oils (50ml each): 

1. Sweet Orange

2. Mandarin 

3. Grapefruit



Customer Reviews

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Great Quality

This trio made me fall in love with Citrus Essential Oils. I've improved my formulations to include at least 1 Citrus oil. It adds a punch and refreshing feel to products.

Hope Mudau
really nice

the scent is not strong though.

Naledi Mantja
Terrific Trio (butters) and Citrus Trio

I absolutely love the citrus essential oils and their incredible scents,and the 3 butters (and the fact that they match with the description on the website). The packaging and their conditions upon delivery and the speed at which the package was delivered were very satisfactory. Worth every penny.

Smell amazing

I love them but they're a bit weak in terms of scent. I have to use a lot of it to get a proper scent for bath bombs & shower steamers. Otherwise I love the citrus trio.

Yes, you are quite right, most citrus oils are top notes, which means they are fleeting and do not have as much 'staying power' than say, Lemongrass or another mid-note or base note. But don't let that keep you away, you can be clever with the ways to blend your oils. Just add a smaller percentage of a good mid or base note (could be a citrus like Neroli or Orange bigarde or Petitgrain) to your other top notes to anchor and ground them. Try it, you can thank us later.

Caroline Moroke
Citrus Trio

This pack makes it easier to try different scents on new products. We will definitely buy it again in bigger quantities because of the amazing quality.

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