About Us

About us

Isivuno Naturals is a wholesaler of quality raw ingredients used in the production of natural beauty products. We try to purchase directly from source, where possible, to ensure the highest standard of goods at the most affordable prices.

Isivuno Naturals was established by Zikhona Tefu, owner of O’live Handmade Soaps , a local natural skincare brand. Zikhona had always struggled to source high quality unrefined Shea Butter to use in her products, and thus looked to source directly from the co-operatives in Ghana.

Zikhona travelled to rural areas of Ghana to select the best quality Shea, learn more about the production process and build relationships with the suppliers.

The Shea Butter soon became very popular amongst all local producers, who were also after quality raw ingredients from a reliable supplier.

Isivuno now sources and distributes several other high-quality ingredients, that are used in the production of skincare products.

We are committed to offering quality at great value, and strive to support individuals and businesses in their natural product journey.






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